The Open Loop Project - Horizontal Samba.mp3
A nice little samba tune about the usual topics. Warning: Rated XXX!

The Open Loop Project - Reborn Under Punches.mp3
My first re-mix. Talking Heads had the honour... And in lack of anything clever to say I let JFK deliver a few words. Might be a few tips for the current Prez in there!!

The Open Loop Project - Politics (feat. Dub-Yah).mp3
Some wise quotes from our favourite Texan freedom fighter (Nicked from NBC's Meet the Press Febr. 2004)

The Open Loop Project - Installation No 2.mp3
A slightly beat-up version of Einstürzende Neubauten's Installation No. 1

The Open Loop Project - Guitar and Bass Song.mp3
For once a discriptive title...
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