Timenez - Midsommer Samba.mp3
A summerly tune made in February...

Timenez - Frisk Bris.mp3
A fresh breeze on a hot summer day. A perfect day to go sailing...

Timenez - Tiltykning til tåke mot kvelden.mp3
Somehow all the bells got me thinking about fog...

Timenez - Lotus Elise.mp3
Just slightly inspired by a certain Beethoven piece!

Timenez - Duskregn.mp3
A piano piece (a sonata perhaps?)

Timenez - Solgangsbris.mp3
Bass, Piano and percussion loops :)
Note: The bass line of this song is modeled on a composition by Aram Katchaturian that I heard in a concert once. Can't remember which one though...

Timenez - Kort Sak.mp3
A short jazzy little thing...

Timenez - Twinkle Twinkle Little Daaaars.mp3
Featuring my old flat-mate's girlfriend's kid (and Homer Simpson.)

Timenez - Cafe Mocha.mp3
This one is maybe not quite finished yet, and will probably get a different name if it ever gets done...

Timenez - Cooking with Ozzy.mp3 (Don't ask...)
Two basses are better than one!

Timenez - Nuts on Crack.mp3
This is what happens when you listen too much to Tchaikovsky..
Warning: Biiiiiig file! Don't download unless you really want to! (well that goes for everything else as well I guess...)
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