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Name:    Helge Timenes
Model:   1975
Made In: Norway

Things I like:
Bárbara, telemark skiing, mountainbiking (well, not the uphill part so much really), street-hockey, reading books, fresh-squeezed orange juice, saturdays, metric units.

Things I don't like:
Mosquitoes, monday mornings, snow in April, medisterpølser, jellyfish, uphills, doors that open the wrong way, coffee cups with tiny handles, ounces (both fl. and wt.), Rod Stewart's version of 'I am sailing'.

Things I think are completely unnecessary but otherwise harmless:
Twist-off beer caps, body hair, left back pockets on jeans, homeopathy, infinite universes.

Things I am completely indifferent about:
Squirrels, blue cars, multi-colored pens, the letter 'k'.
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